USN Master Systems Engineering

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Industry Master in a Nutshell square25.gif slide.gif UIIN; December 2020 in online
Industry Master in Systems Engineering square25.gif slide.gif
Buskerud University College: Program Systems Engineering square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Industry Master; Engineering Work Experience part-time Job square25.gif slide.gif
Connecting Theory and Practice in the Master Systems Engineering square25.gif slide.gif EUSEC Academic Forum; May 2010 in Stockholm
SEMA System Modeling and Analysis
SEMA System Modeling and Analysis Course square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
All lecture slides SEMA: Architectural Reasoning Using Conceptual Modeling square25.gif SlideBook.gif
Architectural reasoning explained square25.gif book.gif
System Modeling and Analysis: a Practical Approach square00.gif book.gif
SESA Advanced Systems Architecting
All lecture slides for SARCH/SESA square50.gif SlideBook.gif
System Architecting square25.gif book.gif
Supporting Processes for System Architecture square00.gif book.gif


preliminary draft
finished, although "living"

A4 portrait article (pdf)
A4 landscape presentation (pdf)
A4 all articles concatenated as book (pdf)
A4 all presentations concatenated as lecture notes (pdf)
source files (zipped vsd)

All documents are works in progress. Feedback is welcome (via e-mail) to Gerrit Muller <>
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