Embedded Systems Innovations by TNO

general information
Research Agenda for Embedded Systems square00.gif paper.gif slide.gif
System Architecting Forum Introduction square25.gif slide.gif CSER; March 2007 in Hoboken, NJ
Capability development at the Embedded Systems Institute square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif
A Multi-Disciplinary Research Approach, Illustrated by the Boderc Project square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Positioning Embedded Systems Initiatives square00.gif slide.gif
From Industrial Experience to System Architecting Know-how square50.gif slide.gif Informatica Colloquium; February 2004 in Twente
Opportunities and challenges in embedded systems square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif Syntens IPO platform meeting; April 2003 in Apeldoorn
Industry and Academia: Why Practioners and Researchers are Disconnected. square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif INCOSE; July 2005 in Rochester NY, USA
How to Characterize SW and HW to Facilitate Predictable Design? square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif Philips Informatica Colloquium; October 2006 in Eindhoven
Reliability of Software Intensive Systems square50.gif slide.gif KIVI NIRIA; January 2007 in Eindhoven
course information
Competence Development Program; Vision on Architecting and Education square00.gif slide.gif
Boderc Project: Multi-disciplinary modeling to support product design
Industry-as-Laboratory Applied in Practice: The Boderc Project square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Five Years of Multi-Disciplinary Academic and Industrial Research; Lessons Learned square25.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Darwin Project: Evolvability
How Reference Architectures support the evolution of Product Families; the Darwin research project square00.gif paper.gif slide.gif


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finished, although "living"

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