The Gaudí Project

Project goal

The ambition of the Gaudí project is to make the art and emerging methodology of System architecture more accessible and to transfer this know how and skills to a new generation of system architects. The results can be found via Gaudi main.

Working Method

The experience and information is consolidated in small chunks, which are published as early as possible to generate feedback. The information is published on internet, where relevant as article, and is used as teaching material in courses. All these small chunks are slowly integrated in a more consistent overall collections, which should become available on paper as well as electronically.


The Gaudí project is based on many years of Philips working experience. Philips Research funded and supported the project for many years. The project has gradually moved to the Embedded Systems Institute. Nowadays, the core is at Buskerud and Vestfold University College (HBV).

The work on this project is enabled by many people by giving feedback, suggestions, support and so on. The list below is attempt to mention the people who helped me, although I might have forgotten someone:
Henk Obbink, Jürgen Müller, Jan Statius Muller, Angelo Hulshout, Auke Jilderda, Rik Willems, Nico Schellingerhout, Jaap van der Heijden, Adriaan van den Brand

Gaudí - the Spanish Architect

At Gaudí Central the work of the famous Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí can be found, more information about Gaudí and Barcelona at His designs are quite creative and original, reflecting the art-side of an architect. Most of Gaudí's designs evolved, while the building were being build. A very incremental approach, as advocated here for system architecting, although some people argue that Barcelona's cathedral is somewhat too incremental.

The Gaudí project

The project is further described in The Gaudí project


preliminary draft
finished, although "living"

A4 portrait article (pdf)
A4 landscape presentation (pdf)
A4 all articles concatenated as book (pdf)
A4 all presentations concatenated as lecture notes (pdf)
source files (zipped vsd)

All documents are works in progress. Feedback is welcome (via e-mail) to Gerrit Muller <>
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