Pictorial Index of all Gaudí figures

Pictorial Index

The Gaudí pictorial index consists of a set of pages with all the figures at stampsize. Via the stamp image more information about the use of the figure can be found. All documents using this figure are hyperlinked on the figure information page.

At this moment some figures are still missing, most of them will be added in due time. The cross reference is also not yet entirely complete, this is also a matter of time.

Note for PowerPoint users

Figures are available in wmf (Windows Media File) format. In powerpoint these images can be inserted by using the insert picture function.

How to find images, naming convention

To find the file belonging to a figure in a presentation look at the bottom of the slide. At the center the filename is printed without extension. The source files have the extensions .vsd, windows metafiles extension .wmf, information of the figure, including a gif image can be found with the extension .html The image files can be found at http://www.gaudisite.nl/figures/filename.extension, for example http://www.gaudisite.nl/figures/AMOmethod.html and http://www.gaudisite.nl/figures/AMOmethod.wmf
Note: vsd files are part of the zipped source files.

Note on copyright

Most of the figures are available under the Gaudí distribution notice, use is permitted as long as proper reference to the source is made. However some figures use third party photographs, where the copyright of the photo belongs to the original author.

Pictorial index pages