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One of the core capabilities of an architect is to sample the problem and solution space quickly, over a large dynamic range; from bits, bolts and wires, to business models, political considerations and cultural aspects. This sampling is based on a seemingly random exploration, which after some time enables the emergence of understanding, insight and overview.

If you feel comfortable with this quick more or less random sampling
then do so at this site
else read below the structure provided at this site

Regular visitors find an overview of recent changes at: Recent Changes

Searching documents at the Gaudí site

Pictorial Index

Visual oriented people can find the figure they are looking for via the Pictorial Index, which consists of a set of pages full of stamp size images. Clicking on the image opens a page with a cross-reference of this figure.

Text Searching

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The Gaudí project

This site is the evolving output of the Gaudí project


The page System Architecting addresses the architect within the business: An alternative view on documents in this area can be found at: Map of Gaudí Papers and Map of Gaudí Slides.

Architectural Reasoning

The page Architectural Reasoning addresses the way an architect can do his work. It shows many tools that belong to the architect toolkit: The same material has been reused to write a PhD thesis. The research method, scientific positioning and evaluation has been added, while the material itself has been condensed.

Supporting Processes

The page Supporting Processes is about processes where the architect himself is the customer. These processes should enable and support the architect to do a wonderful job. Way too often architects are limited by the processes which are supposed to support, which start the architect to complain. I urge architects to stop complaining and to clearly formulate their requirements for the job, to enable the process managers to install beneficial processes:

Composable architectures

The research question: "How to effectively create product families and populations of software intensive products" is addressed on the page: Composable Architectures

Human Measure

The research question:" How to create products which fit in the human measure" is addressed on the page: Human Measure

Case material

Case material, mostly old public presentations, which is not too business sensitive is published at the following pages:


Many courses are derived from the Gaudí material. The overview of the courses can be found at page Courses The full course material can be found at the following pages


Relevant architecting links are maintained on a low effort basis at relevant links


Python is a very powerful programming language. This web-site and its documents are generated by means of Python scripts. Information about Python can be found at Python Links.

Personal information

Information about Gerrit Muller, the author of most Gaudí material, such as Curriculum Vitae and photos can be found at page Personal Information

Web-site tools

All requirements with respect to web-site and the documents and used tools and file formats can be found at Web-site Tools


Everything which does not nicely fit elsewhere, such as Open Source, but also some old (obsolete due to refactoring) stuff can be found at page Miscellaneous