Systems Engineering Master Project

Master Project
All lecture slides SEMP: Systems Engineering Master Project square25.gif SlideBook.gif
Systems Engineering Master Project square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Systems Engineering Research Methods square25.gif slide.gif
Master Project; PERT plan square00.gif slide.gif
Master Project; Writing an Abstract square00.gif slide.gif
Master Project; Execution Phase square00.gif slide.gif
Buskerud University College Systems Engineering Publication Procedure square25.gif slide.gif
Guidelines for Visualization square00.gif slide.gif
Systems Engineering Research Validation square50.gif paper.gif slide.gif Research Day Stevens Institute; May 2008 in Hoboken, NJ, USA
Workshop Reflective Practice; Academic Writing square50.gif slide.gif
Systems Engineering Research; Examples of Flow and Methodology square50.gif slide.gif
CSER; 2012 in St Louis
CSER; 2013 in Atlanta, GA, USA
Master Project Nuggets
Thesis Project Systems Engineering Objectives square75.gif slide.gif
Thesis Project Systems Engineering Context square75.gif slide.gif
Thesis Project Systems Engineering Process square75.gif slide.gif
Thesis Project Systems Engineering Results square75.gif slide.gif


preliminary draft
finished, although "living"

A4 portrait article (pdf)
A4 landscape presentation (pdf)
A4 all articles concatenated as book (pdf)
A4 all presentations concatenated as lecture notes (pdf)
source files (zipped vsd)

All documents are works in progress. Feedback is welcome (via e-mail) to Gerrit Muller <>
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