Systems Engineering Study Group (SESG)



The Systems Engineering Study Group (SESG) meets at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), Kongsberg, Norway. The objective of the meetings is to exchange experience between people who are interested in Systems Engineering or who have the intend to become a Systems Engineer. The SESG discusses one theme per meeting, the subjects are one of many SE aspects. We have two to three meetings per year. You can become member of this group by sending a mail to .

The format of the meeting is that we ask someone to introduce a subject by sharing their experiences and reflection. Next we have a discussion in smaller break-out groups. This discussion is based on the presentation and stimulated by two to three additional questions. The outcome of the break-out discussion is presented plenary. If possible we capture the results of the discussion in a white paper.

You can register for the mailing list of the systems engineering events and newsletter at USN-SE mailinglist


We try to keep the SESG as accessible as possible. Speakers and participants get most out of the meeting when they can talk freely, without confidentiality concerns. We state at the beginning of the meeting that information discussed in the classroom is potentially confidential or sensitive, and hence must be treated with care and respect. We need mutual trust, since we learn more if participants dare to open up. However, we also remind speakers and participants not to disclose really critical confidential information, since we do not have control over the disclosure.

White papers and presentations

February 14, 2024; Digitalization

Accelerating Transformation in the Age of AI & Data by Karen Czachorowski

Summary and conclusions

November 21, 2023; Revisiting what does the progress in AI mean for systems engineering?

Leveraging AI to Supercharge your Digital Transformation by Maged Helmy

Virtual Sensors - A practical implementation of data models by Tobias Hylleseth

Summary and conclusions

February 15, 2023; Reflecting on Systems Engineeringin Practice

Summary and conclusions

November 24, 2022; The relation between acquisition organiation and supplier

V-model -Interface between customer and supplier by Simon Løkja Følling

The customer - a system perspective by Sidsel W. Storaas

Summary and conclusions

November 25, 2021; Systems Integration Challenges

YetiMove System Integration by Anders F. Nilsen, YetiMove

Protector RS6 System Integration by Truls Øhrn, KDA

Summary and conclusions

April 14, 2021; Systems Engineering and AI/Big Data


slides paper Idea Development Method, Applying Systems Design Thinking in a Very Small Entity by Tommy Langen, USN

slides paper Unlocking the power of big data within the early design phase of the new product development process Haytham Ali, USN

Developing domain-specific AI-based tools to boost cross-enterprise knowledge reuse and improve quality Sajjad Sarwar, MHWirth

2020; Online series Room with an Systems Engineering and Architecting View

Room with an Systems Engineering and Architecting View on Digitalization

February 21, 2019; Interface descriptions: how do you effectively describe interfaces?

Interface Identification, Documentation, and V&V by Todd Wohling, Intech AS

Interfaces: how the students in Cubesat projects find and deliver interfaces by Cecilia Haskins, NTNU and USN

Interfaces by design Roger Berntsen, Kongsberg Maritime

Summary and conclusions

November 22, 2018; How can you improve the state of practice of Systems Engineering in your company


Systems Engineering for Microspace by Tyler Jones, Norwegian Space Center

How to Design a Subsystem in 10 Minutes by Christoffer Jimmy Røsegg, Flebu International

Systems Engineering in Semcom Anders Fuglesteg Nilsen, Semcon

Summary and conclusions

March 6, 2018; Digital transformation, big data, data analytics learning, cloud


Summary, conclusions, and photos

February 15, 2017; How can you improve the state of practice of systems engineering in your company?


Robi-X an Introduction presentation by John Mulholland

Systems Engineering in a Small, but Growing Enterprise presentation by Roar Elias Georgsen

How can you improve the state of practice of systems engineering in your company? Current and future practices presentation by Lars Meskestad

Break out session and photos of resulting flips

November 24, 2016; Architecture Overviews


Architecture Overviews presentation by Gerrit Muller

October 14, 2015; What happens with requirements management when we start to conceptualize the solutions e.g. through system models?


Modelling in (a part of) KPS presentation by Michael Odden

February 24, 2015; Systems Integration


A reflective introduction of Systems Integration presentation by Jonas Andersson

System Integration in KPS presentation by Morten Lund

How to Capture System Integration Risk Knowledge? presentation by Fredy Refael Lumentut

Application of Lean Methodology in SE presentation by Siavash Alikhani

October 16, 2014; Revisiting A3s


A3 Architecture Overviews (A3AO); Goal, History, Adjacent Research presentation by Maarten Bonnema

A3 Architecture Overview Method as a Facilitating Tool for Early Software Development presentation by Hege Skullestad

Revisiting A3s presentation by Espen Polanscak

Test-Focused Knowledge Sharing using A3-assisted Communication presentation by Lars Meskestad

Experiences with A3s in Devotek presentation by Anders Fuglesteg Nilsen

A3 Architecture Overview Demonstration demonstration by Maarten Bonnema

February 25, 2014; Verification and Validation


Validation and Verification Terminology by Gerrit Muller

November 29, 2012; How to get acceptance for systems modeling from management

Effective Presentations (to Management); Experiences, tips and tricks presentation by Johan Grønvall

Systems Modeling Pre-study Approach; How to identify needs to make valid improvements within the organization presentation by Daniel August Jensen and Aksel Bondø

SysML Reference Model Definition; Model Based System Development in the Joint Strike Missile project presentation by Svein-Erik Søgård

Summary and conclusion by Espen Polanscak

April 26, 2012; Requirements Engineering

Improvements to KPS System Way of Working presentation by Svein Egil Moen

March 31, 2011; A3 Architecture Overviews

A3 overviews at Volvo Aero Norge presentation by Espen Polanscak

A3 overviews for Digital Governor System presentation by Bjørnar Wiulsrød

A3 overviews for Autoclave Integration Project presentation by Christian Egil Follstad

February 18, 2010; Patterns for Systems Engineering

Patterns and Systems Architecture presentation by Prof Rob Cloutier

November 6, 2009; Concept Selection, Pugh Matrix

Concept Selection; Theory and Practice White paper of SESG meeting November 6, 2009.