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Architecting, design

SPI partners Local dutch partners of Thomas Gilb
Software Architecture training by Bredemeyer Consulting
MIT course System Architecture by Prof. Ed Crawley

Didactic information

Learning for Sustainability
Matters of Style by Richard Felder, more Resources in Science and Engineering Education at Richard Felder's home page.
The American Society for Engineering Education
Learning, reflection and change by Donald Sch÷n
On experiential learning by David a. Kolb
The 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development
The bridge from education to experience by Harold Jarche
Building a design-driven culture a McKinsey Publication
Introduction to educational technology by Mike Sharples


Architecting related

A3 Architecture Overviews
ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 Website
International Council on Systems Engineering
Cambridge Roadmapping by Rob Phaal
System Architecture Forum Discuss practices, research, and lessons learned with regard to the practical development, implementation and management of system architectures. Jointly Hosted By: Embedded Systems Institute and the Stevens Institute of Technology
Bredemeyer Consulting
Emergent Design by Kent Palmer
Enterprise-wide Information Technology Architecture (EWITA)
Forum On Risks To The Public In Computers And Related Systems
SEI, Software Engineering Institute
SEI, software architecting
QFD Institute Quality Function Deployment
TRIZ journal
CS 411: Software Architecture Design related links
Fault Tree Handbook by US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Philip Koopman Embedded Systems at Carnegie Mellon University
Eoin Woods Software Architecture resources
Nick Rozanski and Eoin Woods Software Systems Architecture resources
Prof. Derek Hitchins site on Systems Engineering Real-time Patterns Process Impact Goodies for Software Peer Reviews
Arctec Architectural Services a.o. several arcticles about security in relation with middleware
University of Bielefeld - Faculty of technology safety and security oriented material. Prof Peter B. Ladkin is a frequent contributor to comp.risks.
Sticky-Marketing Mag - Enthusiastic comment on marketing practice.
Bits&Chips on-line Dutch journal for embedded systems
The Art of Management open available managment material by Marcel Nieuwenhuis (in Dutch)
Vision on IT infrastructure, architecture and security by Sjaak Laan

Link and resource Collections

Systems Thinkers List of System Engineering books and courses
ITpedia IT checklists (in Dutch)

Roadmapping articles and presentations

The Albright Strategy Group Roadmapping articles and consultancy

Specific articles and presentations

Manifesto for Agile Software Development
The Essence of Engineering and Meta-Engineering: A Work in Progress by Prof. Nagib C.Callaos
John Mashey's greatest hits
Electronic Publishing and Electronic Commerce Papers by Andrew Odlyzko
Hackers and painters nice article by Paul Graham, discussing the too generic term computer science and the difficulty of assessing creativity
DaimlerChrysler experience report Applying the TRIZ Principles of Technological Evolution to Customer Requirement Based Vehicle Concepts.
FEI architecture description nominated for the Dutch championship ICT architecture.
The Art of Management by Dr. Marcel Nieuwenhuis (in Dutch)


comp.risks risks, lessons learned must for all architects

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