CAFCR; PhD Thesis

PhD Thesis Architectural Reasoning
CAFCR: A Multi-view Method for Embedded Systems Architecting; Balancing Genericity and Specificity (Thesis) square100.gif book.gif
Stellingen behorende bij het proefschrift square100.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Propositions Accompanying the Dissertation square75.gif paper.gif slide.gif
Thesis related
Introductie voor de verdediging van het proefschrift square100.gif slide.gif Promotie; June 7th 2004 in Delft


preliminary draft
finished, although "living"

A4 portrait article (pdf)
A4 landscape presentation (pdf)
A4 all articles concatenated as book (pdf)
A4 all presentations concatenated as lecture notes (pdf)
source files (zipped vsd)

All documents are works in progress. Feedback is welcome (via e-mail) to Gerrit Muller <>
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