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Book: Architectural reasoning explained
allSlides: All lecture slides for Multi-Objective Embedded Systems Design, based on CAFCR
Paper: Conceptual View
Slides: Conceptual View
Slides: From Thruster to Field; an Architecting Example
Slides: Module 33, Architectural Reasoning Design Fundamentals
Paper: Module 17, Design Side
Slides: Module 17, Design Side
allSlides: Lecture slides for the course Architecting System Performance
Paper: Performance Method Fundamentals
Slides: Performance Method Fundamentals
Slides: Systems Engineering Fundamentals Partitioning and Interfaces
allSlides: Systems Engineering Fundamentals Course
allSlides: All About Systems Engineering; Introductory Course
allSlides: All lecture slides SEMA: Architectural Reasoning Using Conceptual Modeling
Slides: System Partitioning Fundamentals
Slides: Architecting for Business Value
Paper: Sub methods in the CR Views
Slides: Sub methods in the CR Views
Book: CAFCR: A Multi-view Method for Embedded Systems Architecting; Balancing Genericity and Specificity (Thesis)
Paper: Tutorial Measuring and Modeling System Performance
Slides: Tutorial Measuring and Modeling System Performance